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Custom High End Tube Microphones 


Introducing the RMS49,  a newly created addition to our line of microphones paying tribute to the M49.  This fantanstic piece took over a year of development painstakingly mimicking all of the subtle details of the original while still staying budget conscious.  Many people feel that the M49 is one of those mics that sound great on almost everything and we agree!  This mic is a great addition to any microphone locker.  The RMS49 is also available in matched pairs.   

We are currently offering a price of $4399.

We are now offering a price of $2999 on our latest model, the RMS49-LE which features the same circuit and components as the original RMS49 but using non-historic internal mechanics of the microphone.  The PCBs are 100% Made in the USA which keeps our production costs at a minimum without sacrificing quality.


RMS 49 Details:


  • Haufe BV11 Transformer
  • K49 capsule (M7 can be installed for an additional $100)
  • NOS 5703 tube 
  • Cardas copper chassis wire for point to point signal path wiring
  • Gotham GAC-7 tube cable
  • Custom aluminum flight case & Standmount included
  • Wooden Storage Box (+$100)
  • M49 Shockmount (+$100)  


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