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Custom High End Tube Microphones 


The U47, probably one of the recording industry's most recognized microphones. From Frank Sinatra to the modern day, the U47 boasts that vintage tone you have been looking for. We have meticulously recreated this sound after a full year of reseach and development, painstakingly testing and comparing to the best U47s we came into contact with. We are now offering the RMS47 to our customers as a modern alternative without breaking the bank.

See the review of our RMS47-LE in the September 2012 issue of MusicTech Magazine.


We are currently offering a price of $4399.

Our RMS47-LE which features a NOS Telefunken glass tube and non-historical power supply & mechanics is available for $2999.

RMS 47 Details:

  • Haufe BV8 Transformer
  • K47 capsule (M7 can be installed for an additional $100)
  • VF14ER Tube
  • Cardas copper chassis wire for point to point signal path wiring
  • All capacitors and resistors of the highest quality
  • Gotham GAC-7 tube cable
  • Custom aluminum flight case & vintage style shockmount included
  • Wooden Storage Box (+$100)

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