RMS Audioworks
Custom High End Tube Microphones 


The RMS269 is our recreation of the famous M269. We have released this new edition featuring a newly designed high quality RMS PS1 power supply, an updated mic body & headbasket similiar to the original with the added -10db pad, 100HZ roll off, and adding omni-directional & bi-directional pickup patterns.  Also, the 5840 pentode was replaced with the 5703 triode which we believe shares closer sonics to the original AC701. 

We are currently offering a price of $2199.


  • Cinemag CM-2510 Output Transformer
  • ADK GK67 capsule
  • NOS 5703 tube – hand selected for low noise and microphonics
  • Cardas copper chassis wire for point to point signal path wiring
  • All capacitors and resistors of the highest quality
  • Gotham GAC7 tube cable
  • Custom aluminum flight case & shockmount included
  • Wooden Storage Box (+$100)

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