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Beautiful to the eye? Absolutely. It's even more beautiful to the ear. The RMS12, our flagship microphone, is a stunning vintage recreation of the legendary C12. It features a NOS GE 6072 vacuum tube, a US-designed and manufactured T14/1 transformer, hand-crafted CK12 capsule, and hand-selected components that provide superior audio quality and "musicality.” Although the RMS12 retains and emphasizes the stylish grace and good looks of the C12, it boasts a modern power supply for the flexibility necessary in modern studios. Form and function, all in one package. The RMS12, all the beauty of the past, with all the convenience and technological precision of the present. So just exactly what does all this mean? It means that the RMS12 gives you the performance and edge that puts you above the rest and meets the demands of all your critical recording projects.

The RMS12 is also offered in matched pairs. We are currently offering a price of $4599.

We are now also offering the RMS12-LE which uses the same circuit design and components as the RMS12 for $2999.  The RMS12-LE utilizes PCB based internal mechanics vs. the historically correct RMS12's internal housing design.  This feature reduces costs and allows for stricter tolerances.

"I got the chance to compare the RMS12 to a vintage AKG C-12 side by side. I was surprised to hear that they were almost identical with the RMS12 having just a bit more air on top. You can judge for yourself. At an introductory price of $3999 the RMS12 provides extraordinary value and performance."

Larry Sturm, Recording Engineer/Producer
R Kelly,Destiny's Child,Jennifer Hudson,Twista

See the review of our RMS12 in the May 2013 issue of Sound on Sound - http://www.soundonsound.com/Contents.php

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  • Haufe T14/1 Transformer
  • Handcrafted CK12 capsule
  • NOS GE 6072 tube – hand selected for low noise and microphonics
  • Cardas copper chassis wire for point to point signal path wiring
  • All capacitors and resistors of the highest quality
  • Modern, handmade PSU with 9 selectable polar patterns
  • Gotham GAC-7 tube cable and custom cable connectors
  • Custom aluminum flight case & shockmount included
  • Wooden Storage Box (+$100)
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